Outdoor Wooden Field Hockey Stick Green Multi Curve

  • Lightweight high-end hockey stick from Impex Sports Goods
  • Head Shape: Classic
  • High-quality grip for best control of hockey ball
  • Impex Sports Goods designed silver black color combination
  • Outdoor Wooden Field Hockey Stick Green Multi Curve

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      Outdoor Wooden Field Hockey Stick Green Multi Curve

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      • The Green Hockey stick by Impex Sports Goods is a great starter stick for juniors and also a great stick for schools to purchase to use in their sports classes. The key features are – – Size 32″ – Great first stick because it is durable – Wood stick for good control This stick comes in different colors which represent the different sizes, Green is 32″, Red is 34″ and Blue is 36.5″. Available Sizes: 30″ & 34″.
        • Lightweight high-end hockey stick from Impex Sports Goods
        • Head Shape: Classic
        • High-quality grip for best control of hockey ball
        • Impex Sports Goods designed silver black color combination
        • Powerful and elegant hitting power
        • Available Sizes: Senior & Junior

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      We pride ourselves on our customer service and ensuring that you are using the best products to suit you and your game. It's not always possible to get in and be seen by one of our awesome staff, so below are a few key pieces of information when shopping for hockey sticks online.


      This is our recommendation only. Some players may prefer a size up or down as this is their personal choice. For juniors stick size should not exceed the belly button, the 'belly button rule' allows the player to grow into a stick without it hindering their development.

      UNDER 65CM



      66 - 99CM



      100 - 104CM

      26" JUNIOR
      105 - 116CM 28"


      117 - 128CM

      30" JUNIOR

      129 - 134CM

      32" JUNIOR

      135 - 138CM

      33" JUNIOR
      139 - 147CM 34"


      148 - 159CM 35"

      JNR & SNR

      160 - 166CM 36.5"


      167 - 176CM

      36.5" OR 37.5" SENIOR

      177 - 182CM



      182 - 185CM 38.5"


      185CM + 38.5" OR 40"







      Standard Bow Mid Bow Low Bow Xtreme Bow
      The S-Bow (SB) is a STRAIGHTER stick that helps maximize ground control, power and general basics. Normally around a 19mm to 21mm Bow maximising at the 300 to 350mm point from the bottom of the stick. The M-Bow (MB) is a MEDIUM curve bow that is a good all-round shape that helps with power but also essential skills, helping to provide some lift. Measures around a 22mm to 24mm Bow at the 300mm point from the bottom of the stick. The L-Bow (LB) is a LOW curve bow designed to make 3D skills easier such as aerials, passing and drag flicking. Measurements are normally a 24mm bow at the 250mm point from the bottom of the stick. Pro-Bows have a similar bow point as a low-bow however the bow arch is more gradual than a low-bow. X-Bow (XB) is an XTREME bow that is ideal for the serious aerial game. Drag flicking, 3D Skills and aerials couldn’t be easier than with this bow shape. Measures a maximum 24mm Bow at the 200mm point from the bottom of the stick and some are designed with concave or groove shafts to assist with drag flicking.


      Field hockey sticks are often made using a combination of materials to achieve the desired balance of performance, durability, and cost. The proportions and layers of wood, fibreglass, and carbon fibre can vary, creating different stick profiles tailored to different player preferences, abilities and playing styles. Most sticks used in the modern game are a carbon & glass fibre blend.




      Wood Fibreglass Carbon Fibre
      Wood was the traditional material used in field hockey sticks for many years. Typically, sticks were made from mulberry, hickory, or ash wood. Wood sticks are known for their natural feel and responsiveness, offering good control over the ball. Today they are often favoured by players who require more feel from their stick, typically players new to the game, juniors and indoor players. Fibreglass is a synthetic material that is commonly used in modern field hockey stick construction. It is a strong and flexible material that enhances durability and reduces the risk of breakage. Fibreglass layers can be added to wood core sticks to provide reinforcement and improve strength. This material helps absorb shocks and vibrations, reducing the impact on the player's hands during gameplay. Fibreglass dominant sticks are popular among intermediate-level players for their balance between durability, control, and affordability. Carbon fibre is a high-performance material that has revolutionized the field hockey stick industry. It is incredibly lightweight, stiff, and robust, offering a significant increase in power. Carbon fibre sticks are generally the preferred choice of professional players and advanced-level athletes who prioritize performance and have specific playing styles that benefit from the material's characteristics. Carbon fibre is frequently mixed with other materials to achieve an optimal balance of performance, durability, and cost.





      Maxi Head Semi Hook Full Hook
      The most common among today’s sticks, the smaller, open head shape has less mass to move around. This allows for faster stick turnover when dribbling and allows for quicker snap shots. The 45° maxi curve also allows for more room along the shaft for reverse edge shots. The Maxi shape also has a slightly more open head shape in the Micro which sits at 50° The Semi-Hook bending through at around 35° is a compromise between the Maxi and the Full Hook. It is a slight increase in surface area compared to the maxi allowing for greater ball control, especially on the reverse, as well as providing room for a larger sweet spot to help improve hitting accuracy and power. The Full hook at 25° maximises surface area. Optimising ball control and basic skills especially helping on the reverse, the full hook head also gives room for a larger sweet spot for hitting accuracy and power whilst also acting like a paddle for overhead control.
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