• Champions Outdoor Hockey Gloves
    • For the fan favorite, we chose a traditional 4 roll design to be insulated with a wool/fur blend. We put this design through the ringer last season and found there was nothing better to insulate from the cold than premium shearling.
  • Classique Outdoor Hockey Gloves
    • These gloves feature new technology and materials, but maintain the vintage aesthetic. We’re calling them the Classique gloves after a famous professional outdoor hockey game that takes place every New Year’s Day. We’re not calling them the Winter Classic gloves for legal reasons.
  • Hockey Glove Left Hand
    • Get good stick grip while protecting your knuckles with this field hockey glove.
    • It wraps snugly around your hand for a responsive fit.
    • Hardshell pads on the fingers and back of the hand add protection where you need it the most.
  • ISG Leather Outdoor Hockey Gloves
    • These gloves are some of the coolest leather and shearling blend combos we have been able to find to date! We keep them looking traditional on the outside while featuring all of the modern comforts available on the inside. These gloves are fully insulated, excluding the fronts of each pair, to trap the heat of the user’s hands.
  • ISG Outdoor Hockey Gloves
    • Flexible and breathable neoprene gaiter to keep a regulated enclosure
    • Slightly expanded cuff to allow full mobility — whether playing indoors or outdoors wearing jacket layers
    • Black reinforced soft-feel Nash palm left unaltered to give the user full control and feel as they play
  • Outdoor Hockey Gloves – Green
    • Stick compartment for up to four 38.5-inch sticks
    • Size: 100cm x 22cm x 10cm
    • Separate valuables pocket and additional small compartment
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